12 year Girl Injured by Gun Shots at Piliyandala, Succumbed to Injuries


The 12 year girl who was injured as a victim of shooting at police on the 9th night, succumbed to her injuries today(19).

Police explained it was a shooting at policemen who were engaged in a special operation to reveal drug racketeers and the police sleths were directed by racketeers to meet in several locations. At the final venue a pillion gunman on a motorbike has shot the police vehicle. Two policemen who were shot on the spot were admitted to the hospital and one of them later died. Three children who were at their father’s shop have been injured owing to the shooting and were hospitalised too. While the brother who is the eldest and sister the youngest had minor injuries, the girl of 12 years did not recover from coma and she was defeated while in a struggle for life.