University Teachers Take Firm Decision to Support NO SAITM Struggle


The Collective of Medical Faculty Lecturers Union has decided to stop engaging in duties of Act 16 Exam and the teaching at Kothalawala Defence University(KDU), in support of the “NO SAITM” protest campaign by the student movement.

The Examination for Registration to Practice Medicine(ERPM) or formerly ‘Act 16 exam’ is conducted by the Department of Examinations but the preparations, making papers and conducting the exam as well as paper corrections are done by university teachers those who are presently serving in state medical faculties. The majority of lecturers those who serve in the KDU to teach military doctors are also chosen from them.

All the undergraduates in the state medical faculties are engaged in a strike demanding the abolition of SAITM. A continuous protest campaign organised by the Medical Students’ Action Committee completed 450 days. Considering the situation, university teachers those who serve in the state medical faculties express their discontent regarding the negligence by authorities, towards demands seem to be reasonable by medical students, and they have taken a  decision to stop engaging in extra duties until an acceptable solution given.


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