New Payment Scheme for Electricity Consumption


Lanka Electricity Board has initiated a new payment scheme for the domestic electricity consumers, sources of Public Utility Commission(PUCSL) revealed.

The new Time of Use (ToU) tariff scheme for which a Rs. 540.00 Basic Fixed Charge would be charged monthly, is based on time duration to replace the existing billing method based on the amount of electricity consumed. The idea is to discourage higher level electricity consumption during the peak hours, sources revealed. The new payment scheme optional for domestic consumers (single phase) is already approved by the PUCSL considering the inability of the capacity of supply to the consumer demand.

 The introduced Scheme :

(Basic Fixed Charge per month is Rs. 540.00)

Category of  Billing


Rs. per unit

Off Peak Hours

22.30 – 05.30


Day Time

05.30 – 18.30


Peak Hours

18.30 – 22.30